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Notice on Adjustment of Distribution mode of International Inbound Consol Cargo

Dear Valued Customers :

Effective 14th Dec 2020, PACTL will arrange transportation of the International Inbound cargo to your bonded warehouse right after the cargo was breakdown. Please ensure on-site personnel to receive the cargo. To check the status of the cargo breakdown, please visit our website / APP.

For International Inbound special cargo delivery, including but not limited to precision instrument, please inform us in advance with any special requirements of the bonded vehicle. If you do not inform us in advance, PACTL will arrange appropriate allocation of vehicles according to the actual situation of the cargo.

In case of any enquiry regarding the number of pieces, cargo damage, etc., please contact our ”Import Active Distribution Coordination Group”, contact number: 13817204734. In addition, the current BUP delivery mode will be maintained for the time being.

Thank you for your support and understanding.