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Notice on Emergency Issues of Dangerous Goods

Dear Customer:

According to the relevant safety requirements, in case of damage, leakage and other similar abnormal events of dangerous goods within the scope of the air cargo terminal, the initial emergency disposal must be carried out within 20 minutes by the organization who have professional emergency qualification, thus:

1. For the abnormal events of dangerous goods caused by our operation, our company appoint Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. who have professional emergency qualification to complete the initial emergency disposal within the above specified limit time and borne the relevant expenses;

2. For the abnormal dangerous goods incidents not caused by our operation, the carrier shall be responsible for appointing an organization with professional emergency response qualification for dangerous goods to arrive at the incident site within 20 minutes after receiving our notification.

Taking into account the time limit for emergency response, if your company has a designated professional organization, please report the relevant information and qualification of the organization to our company in advance, and apply for our relevant certificates according to the air defense requirements.

If the carrier does not designate a professional emergency agency for dangerous goods, or the designated agency fails to arrive at the scene within 20 minutes to carry out initial emergency response, according to requirements, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. will carry out initial emergency response on your behalf. Relevant departments of the company will also provide corresponding business coordination on site. Please note that this service provided by the Shanghai Institute of Chemical Technology is a paid service. Please refer to the attachment for details of the charging price.

In this New Year, PACTL is willing to work together with you to set up a common safety concept and abide by the safety bottom line. If you have any questions, please fill free to contact us. If there are any subsequent adjustments, we will notify you in a timely manner.

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