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Notice on the adjustment of intl. inbound transshipment trucking service during Spring Festival Holiday

Dear Valued Customers :

Due to the adjustment of Customs working hours at destination airports during the Spring Festival, we plan to make the following adjustments to the current Intl. Inbound Transshipment  Trucking Service.

For Scheduled Trucks:

Service Suspension to NKG, TAO, NGB from 18 Jan to 28 Jan, 2023

Service Suspension to PEK from 19 Jan to 25 Jan, 2023

Service Suspension to XIY from 19 Jan to 28 Jan, 2023

For Non-Scheduled Trucks:

Service Suspension to HAK, CKG, CTU, KWE, SHE, CGQ, DLC from 18 Jan to 27 Jan,2023

Service Suspension to KMG, HRB, WEH, FOC, TNA, XMN, YNT, TYN, TSN, CAN from 19 Jan to 27 Jan, 2023

Service Suspension to CSX, WUH, HFE from 20 Jan to 27 Jan, 2023


For any questions, please contact our transfer office at T: 68341476 or 68357537 for inquiry.

Thanks for cooperation and have a nice holiday.