We believe that security is not a matter of routine but of personal commitment.

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In order to protect the aircraft and cargo, as well as the benefit of airlines, PACTL esteems security as its principle focus, and continuously improves its management and control.

1. Control over Cargo and Personnel

1.1 Cargo
In accordance with related regulations on civil aviation security of CAAC, cargo for air transportation that is delivered by forwarders or shippers within 24hr before STD must go through security inspection or other security measures. PACTL warehouse accepts cargo on completion of cargo security inspected with security inspection chop on AWB. Cargo including palletized/containerized cargo not checked by X-ray or other security measures must remain in warehouse for at least 24hr before STD.
The delivering agents or shippers are forbidden to touch the cargo that has been inspected and handed over to warehouse, in order to guarantee the security of cargo in warehouse.

1.2 Personnel
PACTL facilities are guarded 24 hrs by specially trained personnel. People without admission passes are not allowed to enter warehouse. People who need temporary entry for business reason must be accompanied by PACTL staff.

2. Valuables (VAL) and Vulnerable (VUN) Security
VAL goods are stored in strong rooms. VAL handling must be done by 2 staff at the same time in accordance with strict registration procedures. The strong room has two successive steel rolling doors with an infrared alarm system which is able to alert the staff in PACTL security coordination desk to identify the entering people through camera when people go inside.
The strong room is also equipped with a low-pressure CO2 system spraying CO2 in case of fire, thus avoid damaging the VAL as water does.
Vulnerable cargo can be stored in a special area of the warehouse, protected by a security fence and monitored 24/7.

3. Dangerous Goods (DG) Management
The PACTL DG warehouse is built about 50m away from the main warehouse. Various DG can be stored in 10 separated rooms according to its classification. In the radioactive DG room there is a ray detector to monitor the amount of α ray and γ ray. In case of any irregularities, the police and firemen will be notified immediately. PACTL also pays great attention to DGR training organized by IATA and our customer airlines, enabling PACTL staffs to have basic knowledge on DG transportation, storage and moving etc.

4. Monitoring System
PACTL is equipped with a CCTV monitoring system with sufficient cameras covering all operation areas to keep watch on its main parts of terminal 1 and terminal 2. Special staffs are assigned to be on duty 24hrs for monitoring and recording. The picture files are kept for one month.

5. Warehouse Fire Protection
PACTL has complete fire protection facilities (T1 for instance) consisting of automatic alarm system, automatic spray system, and indoor hydrant system with 500 heat and smoke detectors, 12 pre-fire alarm valves, 2 fire-control pumps, 4 spray pumps, 6000 spray heads, etc.
In case of fire, heat and smoke caused by fire would automatically start the fire protection system with the signal of flash and buzz displayed on the fire-control alarm panel, followed with the related pumps starting automatically.
The professional staff sent by the airport fire protection unit keeps watch over the fire-control alarm panel day and night and also be liable to check all the fire protection systems in order to guarantee them in normal working conditions.
Staffs concerned are requested to reach the fire spot to take immediate measures within 3 minutes after they receive the fire alarm.